Conversation between Mario Rovirosa (CEO) and Sergi Ferrer-Salat (President)

We talked about our way of approaching the world, using examples of projects that we have implemented at Ferrer, our founding principles, the B Corp and Great Place To Work certifications, and our business activity, among other topics. 

MARIO ROVIROSA: At Ferrer we understand that there is another way of doing business. Companies have to strive to achieve long-term financial sustainability, but the people who work at Ferrer understand that sustainability goes much further and that it extends to people, the environment, and society as a whole. 

SERGI: Indeed, without neglecting profitability, as you say, all our business operations must always be subordinated to social justice, which, unfortunately, is a principle that is often not sufficiently inculcated in the corporate setting. It is important to pursue this goal out of the deepest, inner conviction and consistently. At Ferrer, and speaking in all humility, we just do this based on our conviction.

MARIO: But, you know, Sergi, it’s unusual to find a company like Ferrer that dedicates 50%, and in some years even 60% of its profits to social and environmental projects. We can talk a great deal about ESG and corporate social responsibility, about our mission, but, in the end, it is the facts that show whether this is really happening or not. And this is only possible because you want it to happen. 

SERGI: It obviously has to be quantified, and in percentage terms, because the amounts, depending on the size of each company, may be totally distorted. What is essential is that this creation of wealth through the business activity itself comes as the result of an exemplary ethical practice towards society. This is the philosopher’s stone.


Sergi Mario