People Talent

We promote a people-centred culture, based on trust and responsibility, in which talent thrives

A people-centred culture

At Ferrer, we have our own way of being in the world


We are empathetic, humble, curious and optimistic people;

non-conformist in our opinions;

transparent and open-minded, and we take a hands-on, proactive approach.

We firmly believe that, thanks to our team, we will be able to achieve our purpose.

It is no coincidence that people are one of the three fundamental pillars of Ferrer, under the pillar we callGreat People”.

We foster a culture of commitment to the talent, development and employability of our people.

We strive to be agile, flexible and interdisciplinary.

We promote the holistic well-being of our employees, as well as a respectful, ethical and inclusive work environment, where our professionals can grow and develop personally and professionally in a fair and equitable way.

great people

And on this path, evolution is a constant.

We continue to evolve to adapt to the environment in which we live and to changing needs in order to become the company that we want Ferrer to be.

Our Values




We know that our actions are not going to change the world, but we want to do our bit and do everything in our power.

values 2



We think positively and with the conviction that it is easier to accomplish something when you firmly believe in it.

values 3



We are close people. We can understand what people’s real needs are because we know how to listen and put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, especially when things are not going well.

values 4